Polyverse Filterverse: an endless universe of filtering possibilities

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Polyverse Filterverse: an endless universe of filtering possibilities

Polyverse Music Filterverse
Words by Mixdown staff

Polyverse Music is proud to announce Filterverse, a groundbreaking audio filter plug-in, available now as an early-access public beta release.

Polyverse Music Filterverse offers a plethora of filter algorithms and types. Some are reminiscent of classic synths, others model experimental resonating bodies, others perform sonic surgery using multi-peak response curves, and still others are cyberpunk sound-warping machines. Producers and musicians will find instant inspiration and endless exploration in just a few clicks, whether re-creating timeless effects or discovering futuristic textures never before heard from a filter plug-in. Watch the introductory video here.

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Every filter within Filterverse is the product of meticulous engineering and rigorous testing. From the traditional filters to the bleeding-edge innovations, every detail, resonance characteristic, and saturation pathway has been honed to perfection, resulting in unparalleled audio quality.

Users can select from the myriad of filter and effect types for up to three filter slots at once. Dragging the slots’ tabs arranges the filter order, and routing configurations including serial, parallel, and combinations of the two are easily set in the Routing tab. Independent dry/wet balance, panning, phase-reverse, and mid-side processing per filter allow for precise manipulation of the sonic landscape.

The modulation system in Filterverse is a cosmos of possibilities. It features up to eight simultaneous modulators: an editable sequencer/LFO, ADSR, envelope follower, randomizer, pitch detector, MIDI/CV input, audio-rate oscillator, and Polyverse’s signature “Meta Knob” to change multiple parameters with a single gesture. With full stereo modulation and the ability for sources to cross-modulate one another, users can quickly craft dynamic grooves, intriguing harmonic motions, and evolving atmospheres with precision and depth.

Every aspect of the Filterverse user interface has been thought out to minimise distractions and provide clear visual feedback while eliminating tedious menu-diving. If you see it, you can hear it, and if you hear it, you can see it. This unwavering commitment ensures a workflow that fuels inspiration, boosting the creative process while staying out of its way.

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