Moog now represented by CMI Music & Audio

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Moog now represented by CMI Music & Audio

Words by Mixdown staff

One of the most iconic brands in the electronic music industry, they have a huge cultural heritage, the brand has helped mould the foundations of music technology as we know and love it today.

CMI music & Audio are excited to be representing this world-renowned Moog and look forward to increasing product availability, brand tools, and services throughout Australia.


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Created in the 1960s, they have been constantly shaping electronic music’s evolution. Their introduction marked a revolution, offering musicians unprecedented control over sound. The unique analog synthesis, characterised by rich, warm tones and the innovative use of voltage-controlled oscillators, filters, and amplifiers, set new standards in music production. Iconic models like the Minimoog became staples for artists across genres, from rock to jazz and beyond, embodying the fusion of technology and creativity. Their synthesizers continue to inspire with their distinctive sounds, blending historical significance with modern innovation in music’s ever-evolving landscape.

CMI Music & Audio

CMI have also welcomed Nick de Friez on board CMI Music & Audio as Brand Manager.

“For the past 50 years, Moog has been developing groundbreaking music technology that has changed the way musicians can express themselves. I am extremely proud to join the team at CMI and help build and develop the Moog brand in Australia, continuing the legacy of Dr. Bob Moog.”

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