Echo Fix announce compact EF-P2 Spring Reverb Pedal

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Echo Fix announce compact EF-P2 Spring Reverb Pedal

Echo Fix
Words by Mixdown staff

Echo Fix are known across the world for their faithful recreations of some famous tape echo units, and have announced the release of their EF-P2 Spring Reverb Pedal.

The Echo Fix EF-P2 pedal is a two-switch enclosure, with a Direct [signal] On/Off and a Bypass switch. It also has Spring Drive, Bass, Treble and Reverb Volume controls. It’s powered by a 9V input and features mono input and output. The Spring Drive allows you to push the effect, warming it up and melding it into the tone, rather than the spring reverb poking out over your clean tone. Try both!

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Increased internal voltage rails allow the EF-P2 to be used as a studio outboard effect, the unit accepting also line level inputs from synths and other audio devices like convertors. It’s important to note that the EF-P2 contains a real spring, visible through a little window on the face of the pedal. The EF-P2 allows you to dial in as reverb as you like, and drive the reverb if you wish! Real spring reverbs and tape echoes are a common addition to studios, but the vintage ones often break down, and Echo Fix harness old-world tone with modern reliability.

The EF-P2 joins Echo Fix’s EF-FX Chorus Echo with BBD Analogue Chorus, EF-X2 Tape Echo, as well as a comprehensive catalogue of spare parts for all your vintage chorus, echo, tape and reverb needs! The EF-P2 is available now.

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