DSM & Humboldt’s Simplifier DLX is a no-fuss amp and cab-sim for any pedalboard

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DSM & Humboldt’s Simplifier DLX is a no-fuss amp and cab-sim for any pedalboard

Words by Will Brewster

A little box that's abundant in useful features.

DSM & Humboldt have debuted a new DLX variation on their popular Simplifier amplifier and speaker cabinet simulator, packing a sophisticated set of features to flesh out any amp-free setup.

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Expanding on the compact, feature-packed format of its predecessor, the DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX offers up two discrete preamps, each of which boasts three unique amp models (based on classic Marshall, Fender and Vox amp circuits) with individual gain modes for Clean, Crunch and Lead.

Players can either choose to use the unit as either a two-channel stereo amplifier or as two parallel amplifiers for a comprehensive signal spread, while the device can also be utilised for players looking to run two instruments simultaneously with two preamps on either side.

Each channel also boasts its own discrete speaker cab and power amp simulation to access a range of iconic amplified tones, with the former featuring cab type and mic placement parameters and the latter offering tweakable controls for presence, resonance and valve types.

Additionally, the DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX features onboard stereo reverb with three different modes (room, ether and plate), with the mix being adjustable for each channel.

Compared to its predecessor, the Simplifier DLX also presents a number of improvements on the I/O front.

There’s a stereo TRS input and through output, as well as discrete left and right output jacks and a stereo effects loop with send/return; with a TRS jack being employed for the send and two mono ports being used for the return.

The unit also features a pair of ground-lifted DI XLR outputs to plug straight into a mixer, PA or audio interface, rounding out what looks to be one seriously impressive piece of kit to complement any amp or cab-free setup.

Hear it in action below.

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