Mixdown’s Picks: Line 6 POD Go 

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Mixdown’s Picks: Line 6 POD Go 

This time around, we’re dissecting the huge range of essential effects out there for stage and studio, exploring everything from rugged multi-effects units through to boutique overdrives and vocal plug-ins. 


Line 6 POD Go 

Key Features: The Line 6 POD Go is a lightweight effects processor with simple plug & play interface, slimline design while remaining big on best-in-class tones. Sporting an 11cm colour LCD display, the Go is instantly accessible. Corresponding colour LEDs for each footswitch also come in very handy. But it’s the Snapshots feature which elevates this piece of gear to a higher plane, allowing seamless switching between tones without audio drop outs. 


The Go includes all of the classic guitar effects with amp and cabinet modelling as standard, which are all drawn from the award-winning HX stable of processors. It also has third party cabinet impulse responses available for unlimited cabinet options. Old school chorus and modern ambient reverb effects are nicely paired and the amp/cab simulations are varied, warm, and believable. Likewise, the super crunchy overdriven tones available are extremely luscious and loud. The German Ubersonics patch has two distinct variants on one classic crushing sound, and was certainly a favourite in my studio.


The POD Go also comes with access to its own edit app for easy preset editing and backup. The unit also has a Stereo Effects loop and TRS expression foot pedal/dual footswitch input. For professional recording capability, the Go also includes 4-in/4-out 24bit/96khz audio interface.


Mixdown Says: This ultra-lightweight package is a sonic go to tool-kit of amps, cabs and sounds. It is easy to manoeuvre between sounds and rigs and is packed with user-friendly features, such as its edit app and colour displays. Features are laid out well and operation is easy from the get-go. The sounds are warm, crunchy, classic, and usable for a wide variety of playing styles, and the big loud rock guitar sounds will win you over instantly. 


Overall: Compact, easy to use and navigate while adding classic guitar tones to your performance, the POD Go is a tight, well thought out package of sounds and amp/cab models. The layout is simple, the versatility commendable and the addition of some special user features makes it a winner.



Find out more about the Line 6 POD Go here.