Want to work with Mixdown? We're looking for new contributors

Come Join The Team!

Consider yourself a bit of a musician or a writer and want to explore a new career avenue? Feel like you'd be able to write a decent review or jump on the phone to interview an artist overseas and turn it into editorial gold? If so, you're in luck: Mixdown is looking for a fresh team of contributors to assist with the production of our print and digital titles.

If you're familiar with musical instruments, music production, live sound or simply possess a vast knowledge and understanding of music history, this could be the perfect side hustle. You'd be tasked with reviewing guitars, amplifiers, keyboards, pedals, interfaces, microphones and other musical bits and bobs, or even interviewing your favourite musicians, and get paid for it all - you can't beat that. 


Whether you're working at a music shop, record store or as a full time musician, or even if you're studying journalism, music or creative writing at university and need some extra cash to splash, we'd love to hear from you. 


Sound up your alley? Shoot an email over to will@furstmedia.com.au and paul@furstmedia.com.au with a bit of information about yourself, why you want to write for Mixdown, and where you're based (you'll probably need to live in Melbourne or Sydney if you're reviewing gear). If you've got any examples of your writing, make sure to attach or hyperlink them, and if not, be prepared to take a writing test.


To apply, or if you've got any inquiries abour freelance rates or how we work, get in touch with us today.