Reviewed: ADAM Audio T8V Studio Monitors

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Reviewed: ADAM Audio T8V Studio Monitors

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Although they may be relative newcomers to the sector, ADAM Audio have attained a prestigious reputation that rivals even some of the most cherished names in audio. The Berlin-based firm burst onto the scene with the lauded T5V studio monitor in 2018 and doubled down last year with the release of the T7V and T10S subwoofer, with the series being quickly snapped up by producers and engineers as a premium-grade monitoring solution a totally reasonable price.

Now, ADAM Audio have launched the T8V: a new set of studio reference monitors that features many of the same specs as its predecessors, but boasts a little bit more power and growl under the hood.

Even though they’re housed in a lightweight enclosure, the T8Vs are pretty bulky – you’re definitely going to want a large space or treated room to use them most effectively. An 8” polypropylene woofer does the heavy lifting, while a U-ART 1.9” Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter with a 4:1 velocity transfer ratio keeps things clean even when pushed to exorbitant levels. This is aided by a newly designed Class D amplifier with a high dynamic range and a peak SPL of 118dB, which is almost certainly overkill for most modern applications.

A HPS Waveguide from ADAM’s S series allows fo consistent dispersion over a wider area and reduces early reflections, while a rear-firing bass reflex port on the back of the enclosure ensures the bass stays clean at all times. Each unit also features a low-pass and high-pass filter switch on the back for immediate adjustments, while a DSP-powered crossover design stabilises the mid-range for critical playback.

Boasting a frequency range of 25 kHz all the way down to 33 Hz, ADAM Audio have designed the T8Vs to appeal to those working in fields of music dominated by the low-end, particularly electronic and hip-hop. This is immediately apparent as soon as you hook up any audio source, and you’ll want to utilise that low-pass shelf to tailor the bass to your own taste.

I tested the speakers in a home environment with an assortment of techno, funk and trip-hop records, and although the bass was far too powerful for the room, it never sounded muddy or overly boomy: a surefire sign of low-end clarity. Even the most thumping of sub frequencies sounded glorious, particularly trunk-rattling 808s and wobbling sine waves, with the rear bass port doing wonders in the dispersion department. This mighty low-end response almost eradicates the need for a subwoofer in most studio environments, which is certainly a big drawcard for producers or mix engineers restricted by space or spend.

The T8Vs also handle shimmering transients and high frequencies with grace, mainly due to the design of the HPS waveguide and the 4:1 velocity transfer ratio of the U-ART tweeter. This allows for an enhanced radiation and much longer periods of listening before fatigue, which would definitely come in handy for those looking for a pair of monitors to mix with over extended periods.

The stereo imaging is also brilliant, and the depth of image is sublime, letting you critically pick apart your tracks for any ailments or inconsistencies. High-hats and sparkling acoustic guitars slice through the mix wonderfully, and even the most delicate of transients are immediately direct thanks to the tweeter’s folded U-ART membrane. Even when pushed at huge volumes, I experienced no distortion whatsoever, and clarity was always at the forefront: all boxes ticked.

ADAM Audio have essentially got all bases covered with the T8V monitors. The larger size and powerful frequency range makes them a worthy addition to the celebrated T series, and the pristine sound quality results in a listening experience that’s nothing short of sensational. While they’re certainly too bulky for the bedroom studio, the T8Vs are certainly a viable option for professional producers and sound engineers hunting for premium sounding studio monitors on a restricted budget, and go the extra mile to prove that ADAM Audio are definitely of all the hype they’re getting right now.