Review: Jupiter JFL700E Flute

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Review: Jupiter JFL700E Flute

Words by Mixdown Staff

Distributed by: Musical Merchandisers | Expect to pay: $899

Key Features: The flute is one of the more flattering choices of instrument for the absolute beginner: it tends to produce silence rather than cacophony when blown into by the uninitiated. However, it is also one of the more difficult instruments to play in terms of mastering the fundamentals. 

One of the quickest ways to get from silence to sweet music in record time, is to take ample care when it comes to picking your instrument. Suffice to say, that better quality instruments tend make for more efficient sound generation.

Jupiter’s JFL700E is their most popular offering for beginner and intermediate flautists, and has garnered a reputation as an ideal student flute amongst music teachers for its outstanding quality, playability and low price. Jupiter’s efforts have gone into making this the ideal flute for the novice flautist’s growth well into an intermediate level of playing, which can be seen in Jupiter’s attention to detail with regards to the flute’s design.

The JFL700E is a closed-hole design flute, an obvious choice for novice flautists both young and old; open-hole offerings may be attractive to the advanced player, but will only serve to hinder the progress of a beginner. An offset G key serves to aid smaller hands, and a split-E design also serves to aid beginners by making high-register E notes a little easier to play, as flute teachers will attest to. The adjustment screws are hidden for a sleek design, with a traditional ribbed chassis shape.

Jupiter have opted to construct the flute from a high nickel content alloy, with a silver-plated body and headjoint. This allows for a clear and responsive tone, helping facilitate the process of learning dynamics and correct technique. The keys are power-forged as opposed to just mould cast, the worked metal giving them a noticeable difference to cheaply made entry level alternatives. 

Mixdown Says: This design is more forgiving of knocks and falls than a solid silver flute, although I am not personally an advocate of flute-dropping, and wouldn’t recommend it. Jupiter have included a moulded French case which is more than suitable for withstanding the commute to and from school. The flute, like all Jupiter instruments, comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty.

Overall: The flute is not an easy instrument to learn, and choosing the correct flute for a student is key in order to make the road to virtuosity as painless as possible. The JFL700E is the culmination of Jupiter’s experience in addressing the various individual needs of a flautist in training, and will inspire rather than dishearten the budding musician.

Find out more about the JFL700E flute over at Musical Merchandisers.