Review: Jupiter JTB730A Trombone

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Review: Jupiter JTB730A Trombone

Words by Mixdown Staff

Distributed by: Musical Merchandisers | Expect to pay: $1,079

Key Features: Trombones can often prove to be quite a daunting instrument for first time buyers. Unlike guitars, violins or keyboards, there’s far less online resources to help you make a decision about what kind of trombone is suitable for an entry-level player, making it all too easy to pull the trigger on a cheaply manufactured instrument that’ll make learning the trombone feel like a bit of a chore.

With its bespoke design, premium sound and all-too-reasonable price-tag, the Jupiter JTB730A Tenor Trombone seeks to provide beginner players with a wonderful first instrument to get them started on their musical journey. Expanding on the design of the original JBT730A, these new trombones feature a noted upgrade in the form of an upgraded slide, letting users enjoy a more centred tone with superior playability to result in an all-round better playing experience. 

Suitable for high and low registers alike, the Jupiter JTB730A features a small bore 8” bell for a crystalline tone with plenty of resonance, ensuring it cuts through the mix of a smaller jazz ensemble or big band. 

The outer slide of the trombone is crafted from lacquered brass using state-of-the-art technology to make sure it offers the most accurate scale possible, with the lacquer finish also helping to minimise any scuffs and scratches from accidental knocks or bumps. Meanwhile, the inner slides of the instrument are made from hand lapped chrome for a smooth response and a balanced tone – expect no bung notes from this well-crafted piece. 

What’s more, the Jupiter JTB730A Trombone also includes a stackable, lightweight hardcase for secure storage and transportation, making it a suitable choice to join the instrument lockers of schools and other educational institutions. 

Mixdown Says: Tuned to the key of Bb to help it slide straight into any ensemble, the Jupiter JTB730A boasts a 0.500” bore. This gives it a bright-yet-balanced tone to suit contemporary styles such as pop and jazz, making it an obvious pick for any young player looking to make the most out of their experience learning the trombone. 

Even for first-time players without any prior experience with brass instruments, the Jupiter JTB730A makes learning and playing the trombone an absolute breeze. The smooth action of the slide helps you squeeze out both high and low notes with relative ease, while the balanced, resonant tone of the instrument will sound great both solo and in a wider ensemble. 

Overall: For brass beginners, there’s few options on the market with more bang-for-buck than the Jupiter JTB730A tenor trombone. It’s an instrument that plays like butter and sounds sensational for its price, while the rugged build quality and included hardcase makes it a no-brainer for any budding jazz cat or classical virtuoso. 

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