Review: Jupiter JTR500 Trumpet

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Review: Jupiter JTR500 Trumpet

Words by Mixdown Staff

Distributed by: Musical Merchandisers | Expect to pay: $799

Key Features: Sure, the saxophone might get all the cool solos, but any music fan knows that there’s no instrument that tops the trumpet. The iconic shape and unique tone of the trumpet has enamoured many a player over the years – think Miles, Dizzy, Satchmo and any number of other classical heroes – and as far as brass instruments go, it’s one of the easier instruments for a beginner to pick up and achieve immediate results. 

If you’re on the lookout for a student model to start lessons in the new year, you’d be hard-pressed to find a trumpet that ticks off the boxes quite like Jupiter’s JTR500. It’s a stalwart in the beginner brass market, and for good reason: it’s study, well-crafted, packs a clean sound that’s ideal for students to learn on, and looks just as iconic as any horn played by the all-time greats of jazz and classical styles alike. 

Featuring an eye-catching lacquered brass body with a conventional 4.8” two-piece bell, the tough build quality of the Jupiter JTR500 should provide peace of mind for any sceptical buyer. The valves and pistons of the trumpet are crafted from stainless steel – a material usually found on professional grade instruments – which help to provide a smooth, speedy playing response, while the adjustable first valve slide thumb saddle and third valve slide lets players easily tweak the instrument to their liking. 

Tuned to Bb, the Jupiter JTR500 also boasts a medium-large .460’ bore, allowing for beginners who are new to the trumpet to tap into a stable sound without expending too much lung power. This emphasis on ease of use is also evident when considering the ergonomic construction of the JTR500, with its well-balanced body and lightweight construction making it suitable for standing and seated players alike. 

If you’re lugging your instrument around between rehearsals, the Jupiter JTR500 can also be purchased with a handy soft case for easy transportation, while an ABC hard case is also offered for storage purposes. 

Mixdown Says: One of the biggest reasons for students quitting music lessons is due to the shoddy build quality or poor tones of their first instrument, which makes finding a suitable beginner instrument all too important for their own experiences. Thankfully, the Jupiter JTR500 exceeds all expectations with its full sound and impeccable craftsmanship. 

It’s a warm, resonant sounding instrument with a free-blowing body and a well-constructed mouthpiece to boot, offering students with a free-blowing and elegantly designed introduction to the joyous experience of learning the trumpet.

Overall: No complaints here. The balanced tone, impressive build quality, ergonomic design and lightning fast valves of the Jupiter JTR500 provides students with a sensational entry-level trumpet to learn on, and with an instrument like this, you’ll be tearing it up on stage in no time. 

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