Reviewed: TC Electronic Prophet Digital Delay

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Reviewed: TC Electronic Prophet Digital Delay


From atmospheric post-rock tones to punchy modern delays, the Prophet is well worth a look. Versatility is key here, with an added emphasis on intuitive controls and design. A handy toggle switch will let you instantly set the subdivisions of the delay, so you can easily jump from eights and sixteenths to 3/8. This will easily allow you to recreate some of the most recognisable digital delay sounds from the guitar canon, particularly nailing that bouncing effect that comes from locking into the appropriate BPM and palm muting on the bride, albeit letting a few select notes ring out for added dynamics.


Utilising a basic control selection of time, mix and repeats — you’ll find that the simplistic design makes the Prophet a joy to plug in and play. Leaving the time selection at a lower setting will result in some tasty faux-reverb tones, as well as coming in handy for fattening up rhythm guitar parts. At higher settings, you’re able to create more atmosphere and drama within your playing, with simple chords transformed into a long-reaching chorale that lingers long after it’s first strummed.


At its lowest setting, the repeats knob can get you in the range of some classic country and rock tones — albeit, without the high-end roll off that comes standard with analogue or tape delays. For modern styles of heavy music or metal, this can be just what the doctor ordered.


Capping it off comes the all important mix setting. With three separate subdivision options, getting this control right will define whether those delayed arpeggios come off tight and right, or overbearing. For crisp, pristine delays that are immersive as they are three-dimensional, the Prophet is a hard choice to beat.