Reviewed: TC Electronic Skysurfer Reverb Pedal

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Reviewed: TC Electronic Skysurfer Reverb Pedal

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The SkySurfer offers three reverb options for you to choose from: spring, plate and hall. Within those three options, you’ve got three knobs to twiddle with. Reverb — which controls the level of decay — tone, and mix. Altering the tone knob will blend in or filter out the highs, while adjusting the mix knob will define whether you want to sound like you’re playing in a small room or a stadium arena. When it boils down to it, this is really all you need to get a fantastic reverb tone.


Kicking things off with the spring setting, you’ve got yourself a one way ticket to the sounds of classic blues, funk and soul. A splashy spring reverb is one of the most iconic sounds in a guitarist’s arsenal, and the Skysurfer will get you in the ballpark of these classic tones without having to deal with a dedicated reverb tank or outmoded vintage gear.



The hall reverb setting adds a whole new layer of dimension to your tone, and is perfect for adding a thick ambience to your playing.


Plate is a dynamic setting that is touch sensitive, and responds well to dynamic playing. It’s a setting that’s well known for sounds covered within iconic albums such as Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, but to say that it’s merely a recreation of old school sounds would be doing an injustice to it.


Overall, one of the greatest strengths of this pedal is how it refuses to overly colour your original tone. While there are parameters there to alter treble and bass if you see fit, the Skysurfer is truly a studio-grade reverb pedal that will keep your full signal intact. Lush, diverse and expansive — it’s truly a strong investment for any guitarist looking to flesh out their sound with a top-quality reverb pedal that won’t break the bank. Capping it off comes true bypass switching and sturdy construction, making this a pedal that’s well worth adding to any pedalboard.