Want to write an anthem for Jobseeker and get paid for it?

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Want to write an anthem for Jobseeker and get paid for it?

Words by Sam McNiece

Pen a song about struggling to make ends meet with the chances of winning $10,000

Listen Up Music and the Wyatt Trust are giving a voice to the unemployed and underemployed through a new song competition. The Jobseeker Anthem has come to fruition to raise awareness of all the people in our communities who have to survive on just $44 a day.

What you need to know

  • Listen Up Music and the Wyatt Trust have teamed up to create Jobseeker Anthem song competition.
  • They’re asking musicians to write a song about people forced to live below the poverty line on Jobseeker.
  • In addition to this, they’re offering a full day of recording time for the winner.

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Listen Up Music is an award winning, registered music mental health charity focused on creating constructive, impactful and life-altering change through their programs and the Wyatt Trust is a philanthropic foundation for people experiencing hardship. Together they have launched this competition to give voice to the cry for fairness, respect and an increase to the Jobseeker Payment.

Ali Taylor, Co-Founder and CEO of Listen Up Music says on the initiative, “music is a universal language. We know that people experiencing different forms of adversity find not only solace, but voice and community through song. This competition expands our reach from those passionate about positive mental health to a larger group whose financial hardship has far-reaching health and wellbeing impacts.”

This one-off competition asks for you to write and record a new song, dedicated to the struggles of people living under the poverty line and unable to make ends meet under the current system. Musicians are known to live below this line also and there are services like Support Act that help out these struggling people.

Song contest co-convenor Paul Madden, says, “Providing, along with others, a donation towards the $10,000 anthem prize was easy. The hard part is understanding why our government persists in refusing to provide a basic safety net for those who are unemployed or underemployed.”

Entries to this competition have opened and close on September 5, 2021.

To enter this song competition, head to Listen Up Music.