Erica Synths & Sonic Potions team up for LXR-02 drum machine

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Erica Synths & Sonic Potions team up for LXR-02 drum machine

(Source: Erica Synths)
Words by Sam McNiece

A digital unit with integrated sequencer and huge tweakability.

With attentions being turned to recreating synths of the past and analogue circuitry, Erica Synths and Sonic Potions have gone the other way, creating the LXR-02, a very flexible digital synth/drum machine with more settings to tweak than ever.

What you need to know:

  • LXR-02 is a new digital drum synth with over 30 adjustable parameters per voice.
  • It features a performance orientated 64 step sequencer, performance mode with MIDI capabilities.
  • It’s flexible, digital engine can make a wide range of cool or kooky sounds.

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With its 6 individual instruments or drums, compared to other drum machines out there, you’d think that this thing might be a bit limiting. You’d be wrong. This is a feature packed digital drum synth, boasting over 30 tweakable parameters per instrument and some nice performance mode options.

The LXR-02 features a plethora of options for creating, morphing and designing sounds in such a small, compact device. It features the classic 16 buttons along the bottom of the device as most drum machines have now, sliders and mute buttons for each drum, MIDI in and out and four output jacks.

With the aforementioned 30+ parameters, you can create a wide range of sounds from classic analogue ones, to sharp and aggressive digital ones.

For instance, let’s say you want to make drum 1 your kick drum. Now first you’ll have access to tuning and waveform options, then moving onto amp envelope, velocity modulation, frequency modulation, a transient generator, filter, an LFO and finally the mix controls.

Then once you’re happy with this sound, you can move onto programming it on a 64-step sequencer, in which the pattern can be set to be any step length allowing for polyrhythm explorations galore. Now you can program different parameters onto all six drum slots and then add some digital FX including drive, ring modulation, compression and delay to the master signal. Cool.

This small device has some performance mode parameters available too in which you can mute each kit, add rolls in real time and morph between drum kits.

There’s four outputs which can be used as two stereo pairs or four individual outputs where you can assign a drum to whichever output you please. Cool for tracking or sending drums to FX during performances.

Of this wide variety of options Erica Synths and Sonic Potions say that it offers “some of the most extensive sound design capabilities found on a drum synthesizer.”

Check out some wild sounds this digital drum machine/synth can make below.

Head to Erica Synths website to read more on this device.