ThorpyFX release Pulse Doppler phase shift pedal

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ThorpyFX release Pulse Doppler phase shift pedal

pulse doppler fx pedal
Words by Sam McNiece

A new iteration of the Doppleganger pedal.

Boutique effects pedal manufacturer ThorpyFX, who started producing pedals in 2015, releases a phase shifter with class.

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Designed by Dan Coggins of Lovetone and Dinosaural fame, this unit is analogue to the core. A new iteration of one of his past pedal designs with Lovetone (the Doppleganger), Pulse Doppler features more than just a fresh coat of paint, being easier to use and more compact.

ThorpyFX states about the pedal that “the premium sound is enhanced through the use of premium components all wrapped in a beautiful custom engineered enclosure.”

The laser etched aluminium Pulse Doppler is part phase shifter, vibrato and tremolo all in one, boasting “an almost unlimited tonal pallet no matter what your mood/style or guitar and amp setup.”

This pedal has rotary controls for Depth, Rate, Blend, Enhance, Manual (phase shift) and toggle switches for On/Off and changing the phasing effect. There are Wet and Dry outputs for stereo pedalboard aficionados and sound designers alike.

With this, Pulse Doppler can achieve resonant phasey tones whilst also able to create subtle depth to anything you throw at it.

Have a listen to some applications and a walkthrough of the pedal here.

Find out more about Pulse Doppler on ThorpyFX’s website.