Manson Guitar Works’ bring to light their flashy 10th anniversary models

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Manson Guitar Works’ bring to light their flashy 10th anniversary models

manson guitars 10th anniversary
Words by Eli Duxson

With different dealers customising their finishes.

Manson Guitar Works have unveiled their 10-year anniversary line of the MA model with 10 unique MA builds available from the Manson Guitar Works dealer network.

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Head luthier Tim Stark hand-selected, glued, and shaped the guitar bodies in-house which all started as their standard swamp MA EVO body.

Selected dealers were then able to spec their guitar how they wanted as Manson Guitar Works said, “the results show the wide, creative abilities of the Manson workshop team”.

“We wanted to celebrate our core product with some open creativity from our dealers” CEO Adrian Ashton said.

“It’s been a fantastic showcase of the work we are putting out whilst keeping our MA EVO design at the forefront of the limited run”.

Stark said it is important to reflect on the milestone while also maintaining a forward-thinking mindset for their market.

“It shows the versatility of the MA platform and I’ve enjoyed having direction from our dealer network as to what finishes and elements their customers would like to see,” he said.

Fixed specifications include the Sustainiac Sustainer system, Tune-o-Matic (T.O.M.) bridge and a twin humbucker layout.

With their free creative license, some dealers opted to add Manson custom circuits such as the Z-Vex Fuzz Factory, while others favoured wild finishes such as Purple Nebula, Night Sky Metallic or Gloss Silver Flake.

The necks include roasted woods, flame maple and a combination of ebony and rosewood fingerboards with each instrument “bespoke and unique”.

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