Bitwig Studio 4 announced with expression at the forefront

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Bitwig Studio 4 announced with expression at the forefront

Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring audio comping, new ways to create and more.

Bitwig, known for their integration of modular and hardware gear into the digital world, announce Studio 4, a new iteration of their namesake DAW. Introducing more ways to interact and perform, Studio 4 puts randomisation and automation at the centre of its new edition.

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In coming up to speed with their competitors, Studio 4 adds Comping to its bag of tricks. Essentially, this allows users to grab snippets of multiple recordings and combine them together to obtain a better end result. Each take is given a different colour for easy identification.

Knowing their audience, a nifty new feature, Fold to Takes, allows you to transform a whole performance into a loop, automatically creating take lanes for the specified length. 

With regards to unique features, Studio 4 adds Operators, which allows modulation of single MIDI notes via probability at set intervals responding to user defined conditions. If it’s a mouthful it’s because it is. Operators have the ability to add randomness to all aspects of your productions.

Using this feature you can create a standard house loop of 4 bars, then assign Operators to turn on and off notes at say 75%. Now when this loop plays back, each iteration will be different and unique as chance will play a factor in the outcome.

Expression Spread is Bitwig’s answer to MPE, an implementation of the ROLI line of products. It allows you to add automation to each individual note on a range of parameters including panning, velocity and tuning. Continuing with their journey into randomness, Expression Spread lets you set a range for each parameter to be modulated. Each time a loop is generated, you can visualise the changes and if you find one you like, you can save the seed value and keep that specific ‘random’ loop.

Other new expansions include improved export options to the more frequently used OPUS encoding and an ability to import save files from Ableton and FL Studio.

Bitwig Studio 4 is available for demo with an official release due late Q2/early Q3.

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