Arturia unveil massive KeyStep Pro 2.0 firmware update

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Arturia unveil massive KeyStep Pro 2.0 firmware update

Words by Will Brewster

It's now more powerful than ever.

Launched onto the market last year, Arturia’s KeyStep Pro is a powerful four-track polyphonic sequencer and MIDI controller that serves as an ultimate companion to any musician working with hardware outside of the box.

Now, the acclaimed French product developers have released a comprehensive firmware update that takes the KeyStep Pro up to version 2.0, introducing a number of amendments and added features to make it one of the best options in its class today.

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One of the biggest features in the KeyStep Pro 2.0 firmware update is that of a Global Transpose function, allowing you to transpose several melodic tracks at the same time. This could be used effectively to create harmonic interest throughout an electronic piece, or even to build synth layers ahead of a massive drop.

Arturia have also added in a new Global Offset functionality, which can be used to adjust relative value offsets for controls like Pitch, Velocity and Time Shift in a more simple manner across each control knob.

Another primary update included in KeyStep Pro 2.0 is that of the ability to operate the arpeggiator while in sequence mode, letting you record an arpeggio and trigger it as a sequence. Arturia have doubled down on this mode by also including a new Arp Swing and Arp Stop function, allowing you to trigger and engage arpeggios even when the sequencer has stopped.

A new Chord Mode update lets you record chords directly into the sequencer and preview steps without running the sequence using the Step Listen mode, which should assist those seeking to achieve a fast workflow when using the device.

Other new features included in KeyStep Pro 2.0 include an improved Mono Mode and the option to switch MIDI Out 2 to MIDI Thru, as well as improved tap temp, quick editing and various other tweaks to enhance the overall user experience of the keyboard.

Find out more about the Arturia KeyStep Pro 2.0 update below, and download it for free via Arturia’s website today.

Head to Arturia for all the details.