TC Electronic launch the Skysurfer mini reverb pedal

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TC Electronic launch the Skysurfer mini reverb pedal

Words by Eli Duxson

Marking the return of an award-winning reverb algorithm.

TC Electronic has released its new Skysurfer Mini Reverb pedal. The neater and smaller version includes all the same features of its older and bigger brother, only four centimetres shorter with over a centimetre shaved off the width. 

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While it will not occupy space on your pedalboard, it will create space for your guitar tone with its continued versatile spring, plate, and hall reverb effects.

A toggle switch can provide the effects of a reverb tank (Spring), classic studio reverb (Plate), and varying room sizes (Hall).

Three knobs control the desired option with the reverb and mix knobs controlling the decay length of the reverb and how prominent it is in the mix, while the tone knob controls how dark or bright the reverb is.

It runs off a standard 9V DC, centre-negative power supply and requires just 100Ma so with its size, reliably sturdy construction and top-mounted jacks, it is a worthy addition to any pedalboard as its larger predecessor has already proven.

You can watch the official demo video below.

Check out all the details over at TC Electronic, and get in contact with Australis Music for all local distribution enquiries.