Spotify launch Loud & Clear initiative to break down streaming payouts

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Spotify launch Loud & Clear initiative to break down streaming payouts

Words by Will Brewster

The launch follows a number of international protests against Spotify this week.

Following months of industry scrutiny and listener backlash, Spotify have today launched Loud & Clear, a new web platform that “aims to increase transparency by sharing new data on the global streaming economy and breaking down the royalty system, the players, and the process.”

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Although the platform’s launch coincides with this week’s international #JusticeAtSpotify protests, Spotify claim that the Loud & Clear platform has been in the works for a number of months now, and noted that they support the public’s demand for more clarity around how their rates actually work.

The interactive web portal provides a detailed look at how streaming has changed the financial capacity of artists today, and offers a Q&A section to detail payments, rates and the big winners from today’s streaming economy.

Users can explore digital resources dissecting the different kinds of artistic niches recognised by Spotify, as well as how the money flows to artists, streaming numbers contextualised and how revenue has been generated over the years, and can also read a personalised message from Spotify Founder & CEO Daniel Ek.

“Our goal is to help musicians that aspire to be, or are professional to make a living,” Ek’s statement to listeners and artists reads. “It’s something we take seriously every day.

“Of course not every one of the millions of artists on Spotify have found the same success. That will never be true. Fans will ultimately decide who succeeds and thrives, but our focus remains clear: Continue to create more opportunities for more artists to reach more fans.

“We know we have much more work to do, but we’re confident in what we’ve built and the innovations we continue to deliver for artists and their fans. We’ll continue to empower the most talented artists in the world to turn their passion into a profession, grow the money paid to rights holders, diversify and expand the number of professional artists succeeding, and propel the music industry forward.”

Explore Spotify’s Loud & Clear platform here.