Sequential finally announce Take 5 compact polyphonic synth

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Sequential finally announce Take 5 compact polyphonic synth

Words by Sam McNiece

With very Dave Smith Prophet-esc features.

After being acquired by Focusrite group, Sequential have announced their first synth, the Take 5. Much like Dave Brubeck’s 5/4 masterpiece, the Take 5 is a play on words. The synth is primarily based on the Prophet-5 which has 5 voices of polyphony and literally takes five keys away from the common 49 note keyboard to have 44 playable keys.

What you need to know:

  • Sequential have announced the Take 5 compact poly synth.
  • The unit shares synth design features from Dave Smith’s legendary Prophet line, namely subtractive three oscillator synthesis.
  • The portable Take 5 has two dedicated effects which, along with the rest of the synth allows this to be an all in one package.

Read all the latest product news here.

“The Take 5 puts the classic Sequential sound and legacy into the hands of people who may not have been able to experience it before,” said Dave Smith, Sequential founder and lead product designer. “Packing this much performance power into such a small footprint was the kind of challenge we love. Throughout development we were amazed by how huge this synth sounds and how crazy versatile it is. It was a joy to work on and I’m looking forward to hearing what our customers create with it.”

This fully featured subtractive synth utilises three oscillators (two VCO’s and a sub) per voice, the revered Prophet-5, 4-pole resonant analog filters with 44 full size keys. There’s two digital effects including a dedicated reverb and an overdrive circuit.

The two VCO’s on Take 5 covers the standard sine/saw/pulse waves and with analog FM, can create a wide range of tones. The filter on the synth is large, front and centre which is great for beginners, giving them a starting point. There’s two envelopes on the Take 5, which can be routed via a single button to ensure you’re always going to hear the changes.

Take 5 also features a Vintage knob, which adds voice-to-voice variation, similar to how an old analog synth would operate. There’s two LFO’s, a 64-step polyphonic sequencer, arpeggiator and among all else, classic Dave Smith sound.

All this in a tight, portable package which is sure to be a big hit this year in synth world.

Check out this intro video on the Take 5 below.

For more information on this epic new synth head to Sequential and for local enquires, get in touch with Audio Chocolate.