Zelzah phaser by Strymon set to take you back in time through multidimensional modulation

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Zelzah phaser by Strymon set to take you back in time through multidimensional modulation

Words by Sam McNiece

From mild to wild modulation!

After teasing them earlier this week, USA designed and built pedal manufacturers Strymon have officially released the Zelzah phaser stompbox. This pedal features two phasers, a 4-stage and 6-stage, that can function together or separately over the stereo outputs.

What you need to know:

  • Strymon have released the Zelzah stereo phaser pedal.
  • The pedal features two independent phasers which can function separately over the two inputs or in series over both channels.
  • Zelzah can achieve simple chorus and flange tones to complex modulation courtesy of its deep routing options.

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Now a phasing pedal is a phasing pedal but this one is quite unique. Strymon went the extra mile with Zelzah, allowing you to curate smooth classic 4-stage chorus and phasing while adding a 6-stage circuit for wilder, more modern modulation tones.

The Zelzah functions as a stereo device, which can run both phasing circuits separately. This means the device can process two separate mono channels with independent phasing effects, cool for a synth rig or crafting weird stereo guitar patches.

The 4-stage phaser features three sweep modes. Classic Sweep is a warped triangle LFO for that vintage feel, Barber Sweep is a continuous rising and falling effect named after blue white and red barber poles and finally the Envelope Phaser which acts as an auto wah effect which is controlled by the input signal. The 4-stage also features a Depth, Speed and Mix knob for tweaking the phasing effect to your preference.

The 6-stage phaser has a complex voice knob that controls over 30 parameters in one single knob! All the way left resembles a pretty vintage phasing sound but as you dial in the Voice knob, phasing sounds open up and add air and space to the sound with flanging and chorus style effects. There’s a resonance switch, alongside a speed and depth knob to obtain the perfect wacky phasing you’re after.

With all these tones available, in stereo too for that matter, this pedal is sure to be a hit.

Check out the intro video for the pedal below.

Head to Strymon to read more about the Zelzah pedal and for local enquiries hit up Noise Toys Imports.