ROSS Electronics are back with the help of JHS pedals

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ROSS Electronics are back with the help of JHS pedals

ROSS Electronics
Words by Mixdown staff

Famed ROSS Electronics are back, resurrected with the help of JHS Pedals.

ROSS Electronics produced some, now very rare, now highly coveted pedals across a few different eras of the company, built by Bud Ross, who is also associated with Kustom Amps. Originally offering a Distortion and Phaser, ROSS pedals shifted from their “Era 1” style pedals after MXR came down hard on pedal companies producing pedals with similar enclosures to theirs.

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The JHS range takes aesthetics from the “Era 2” range of ROSS pedals, with a larger footprint and angled footswitch, produced out of the USA. ROSS went on to produce “Era 3” which was produced in Taiwan.

The JHS intervention comes after the grandson of Bud moved to re-ignite the company in 2018, bringing in “Era 4” of ROSS. The JHS range is referred to “Era 5” of ROSS, JHS’s Josh Scott saying:

“It’s not a replica or a clone. It’s the actual thing.”

The new pedal range includes the classic ROSS distortion, a compressor, a chorus, a fuzz and a phaser. They revert aesthetically to “Era 2”, and are all built in Kansas City, Missouri. The new range pays homage to the original circuit, but with the additional dual modes, switchable with a switch on the side of the pedals.

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