QSC link up with Melbourne artist Chehehe for limited retail run of custom K10.2 speakers

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QSC link up with Melbourne artist Chehehe for limited retail run of custom K10.2 speakers

Words by Will Brewster

It's the next stage of the brand's exciting More Than A Black Box initiative.

Opening a new chapter for their acclaimed More Than A Black Box artist collaboration project, QSC Australia have unveiled a limited edition retail run of K10.2 speakers featuring custom artwork by Melbourne artist Chehehe.

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The artwork, characterised by oblique motifs and interacted strokes with a cool blue colour pallet, harken back to the first More Than A Black Box release from Chehehe last year, with the artist reimagining the original design for 50 limited edition units.

Available in a select range of QSC dealers around Australia, each speaker grille features its own unique, hand-painted design, and will also ship with a plain black grille inside the box.

A numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Chehehe will also be included with each painted K10.2 unit sold.

In a press statement, QSC Australia’s Marketing Manager Nicholas Simonsen praised Chehehe’s artwork and reflected on the success of the More Than A Black Box project.

“The ‘More Than A Black Box’ project began with Chehehe, so it made perfect sense to take the next step with the artist that kicked it all off,” Simonsen said.

“He is one of the artists featured on the mural gracing our Melbourne offices’ exterior wall and he was the first artist to paint a pair of speakers for this project.

“We’re very grateful to continue working with Chehehe and getting to showcase his eye-catching style and flair.”

Other artists to have contributed artwork to the More Than A Black Box project include Knock, Lucy Lucy and Sindy Sinn. Read about how the initiative all came together in our full-length feature.


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