QSC link up with Sydney artist Sindy Sinn for new More Than A Black Box collaboration

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QSC link up with Sydney artist Sindy Sinn for new More Than A Black Box collaboration

Words by Will Brewster

The fourth instalment in the series has arrived today.

Ending the year with a splash of colour, QSC Australia has today unveiled the fourth entry in their More Than A Black Box campaign, partnering with Sydney-based artist Sindy Sinn to unleash a custom decorated set of K10.2 speakers.

Adorned with psychedelic imagery based around a festive template of red, white and green, the Sindy Sinn K10.2 speakers join the likes of other QSC collaborations with Chehehe, Haser and Knock, expanding on the brand’s sensational More Than A Black Box campaign and ending the year on a high note.

“Sindy’s work is so immediately recognisable and I feel like you can’t walk more than two blocks in Sydney without finding one of his murals,” Nicholas Simonsen, Live Marketing Manager at QSC Australia, said in a statement shared today.

“Given his history of working with musicians and bands around the country, it made so much sense to bring him on board with this project and get his signature style on some K.2’s”

A press release from QSC Australia also hints at further collaborations to come in 2021, with Simonsen proudly commending the efforts of all artists involved with the campaign.

“Every one of these collaborations has been so unique and the only direction each artist has been given was to make them look as vibrant as they sound.”

“Given this creative freedom, it has allowed each artist to interpret the idea in their own way, which in turn has made them all come out so differently. The feedback for every one of these collabs has been so overwhelmingly positive and we’re excited for where the project is going to take us next in 2021!”

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