Universal Audio have purchased the now famous Caesars Palace Tube Mixing Console

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Universal Audio have purchased the now famous Caesars Palace Tube Mixing Console

Universal Audio
Words by Mixdown staff

Purchased from music gear marketplace Reverb, the desk — colloquially known as "Caesars Console" — holds a special place in Universal Audio history.

Universal Audio Inc. (UA), a worldwide leader in music and audio production tools, proudly announces the acquisition of a legendary Studio Electronics Corp. tube mixing console built for Caesars Palace in 1966 by original UA founder Bill Putnam Sr.

Putnam Sr.’s bespoke and highly customised design is a rare example of late 1960s audio excellence that mixed live performances by Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Diana Ross, George Burns, Tina Turner, and hundreds more.

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“This isn’t just a piece of equipment; it connects me with my dad,” said Bill Putnam Jr., CEO of Universal Audio. “I deeply admire the craftsmanship of his work and the historical significance of this console’s journey. Bringing it home is my way of preserving his legacy and inspiring new innovation here at UA.”

This console symbolises the essence of UA—family connection, unwavering quality, and a decades‑long legacy of innovation. It embodies UA’s commitment to creating tools that seamlessly support live and studio audio production, further underscoring the company’s dedication to honoring its heritage while pioneering the future of sound.

A true one‑of‑a‑kind, the Caesars Console includes 38 UA 1008 tube preamp modules; 21 UA 508 EQ modules on each channel and the echo sends; three UA 550 filters; three UA 500 EQs; and three Langevin 252 Graphic EQs; plus colour‑coded Langevin faders—blue, yellow, and green—in three banks of six.

Universal Audio Console

“You truly never know what you’ll find on Reverb. I’m inspired daily by the history and stories that come with the music gear that musicians sell on our marketplace and Caesars Console is a perfect example of that,” said Jim Tuerk, Director of Business Development at Reverb. “We’re thrilled to help bring this console home to UA and see it continue to inspire creativity during this next phase of its life.” Reverb is the largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling used and new musical instruments. Since launching in 2013, Reverb has helped millions of music makers find the perfect piece of gear from its community of music shops, top brands, and other music makers around the world.

Universal Audio plans to study Caesars Console, explore its history, integrate it into its facilities, and ensure that it continues to inspire and shape the next generation of audio professionals.

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