ZVex releases transparent Fuzz Factory pedal

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ZVex releases transparent Fuzz Factory pedal

The transparent casing of the pedal allows you to see and appreciate the guts of the pedal in all their glory. The pedal comes in a Lexan enclosure with matching see-through knobs, so you can admire the hand-wired circuit inside.



Check out the demo video below.



The classic fuzz pedal, along with the other pedals made by ZVex, have been hand-built in the USA. You can buy them in hand-painted versions, or occasionally as a limited run with with variations on the classic circuit, including the Fuzz Factory Silicon 7, Reverse Spam Can and the pedalboard-friendly Vertical Models. 


This pedal is made to order and will only be available for a limited time, 8-22 May.


Head over to the ZVex website to order.