Friedman releases the Mic-No-Mo cabinet simulator

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Friedman releases the Mic-No-Mo cabinet simulator

This little box will eliminate issues like mic-bleed, cluttered stages and inconsistent microphone placement.



Based on the cabinet simulation found in Friedman’s Runt amps, the Mic-No-Mo has been designed to go between amp and speakers. 


The connections they’ve included are ‘from amp’, ‘to speaker’ and an XLR balanced output. There are  onboard sliders for grounf lift, levels and axis, and the axis allows adjustment for centre and edge simulated mic positions. 


The Mic-No-Mo could be one of the easist and best-sounding tonal solutions you can add to your rig. This isn’t a load box, though, so guitarists will need to be careful to use it with a cab at all times. 


For more info head over to Friedman’s Website.