Keeley Electronics launches the Fuzz Bender

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Keeley Electronics launches the Fuzz Bender


The Keeley Fuzz Bender utilises three transistors to produce a plethora of fuzz tones, with a two-band active EQ allowing to dial in huge silicon fuzz and smooth germanium tones. The two-band EQ makes use of two gyrators that provide more than 20dB of boost/cut at 100Hz and 10KHz for a massive, razor-edge sound. 


Elsewhere, the Fuzz Bender features Level and Fuzz controls to dial in your desired amount of loudness and grit, as well as a Bias control to toggle between “fat square waves to angular fuzz to glitchy-Velcro attacks.”


Listen to it in action below. 




Head to Gladesville Guitar Factory for more information on ordering Keeley products in Australia.