ZVex announce new vertical Lo-Fi Junky pedal

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ZVex announce new vertical Lo-Fi Junky pedal

Emulating the sonic characteristics of ZVex’s Lo-Fi Loop Junky pedal, the Lo-Fi Junky is essentially a signal degradtation pedal that allows players to emulate the warm sound of a vinyl record, as well as achieving slinky compression, overdrive, warbling vibrato and pulsating chorus tones. 

The updated Lo-Fi Junky sees the pedal flipped to make it easier to slot alongside other units on a pedalboard, featuring side input and output jacks for added convenience, as well as a psychadelic new paint job, giving the Lo-Fi Junky a fresh makeover for 2019. Check out how the original unit sounds below. 



The updated Lo-Fi Junky follows the likes of several other pedals from ZVex which have recently been given the vertical treatment, including the Vexter Fuzz Factory, Box of Rock, and Candela Vibrophase.

While there’s no news yet on an official release date, make sure to keep your eyes peeled to Mixdown for more news on when we can expect the new shipment of vertical Lo-Fi Junky’s to hit Australian shores. 

ZVex is distributed in Australia via Global Vintage.