Eventide introduce new Rose boutique delay pedal

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Eventide introduce new Rose boutique delay pedal

Described as having “the beauty of a a buket brigade delay with none of its limitations,” the Eventide Rose stems from over five years of research and development from the Eventide R&D team in their attempts to redefine what consumers expect from a modern delay pedal. By fusing a super-modulated Digital Delay Line (DDL) with all-analogue circuitry for mixing, filtering and feedback, the Rose allows users to experiment with an insane range of sounds, ranging from lush repeated delays to warbled, highly experimental textures. 


Offering 6 tactile knobs to control the mix, feedback, depth, delay, filter and rate of the pedal, the Rose also allows players to get weird with invert phase and reverse delay sounds, which can be modulated with three modulation types: sine, square and random. The Rose also features a Delay Multiplier and an analogue low pass filter to further manipulate the sonic characteristics of the pedal, presenting itself as the ultimate delay unit for soundscapers. 


If that’s not enough, the Eventide Rose can even be modulated over a range from ~200kHz for maximum fidelity with up to 10 seconds of delay all the way down to ~8kHz for a massive 50 seconds of delay. If you’ve ever wanted to emulate the Frippertronics style of Brian Eno and Robbert Fripp’s early looping experiments of the ’70s, this is the pedal for you.


With an expected release date of mid-March, we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these incredible looking pedals. Check out how it sounds below, and stay tuned for more news on when this pedal hits our shores.




Eventide is distributed in Australia through Audio Chocolate.