Zoom announce the A1 Four and A1x Four acoustic multi-effects modules

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Zoom announce the A1 Four and A1x Four acoustic multi-effects modules

Following on from the success of the G1 and G1X Four electric effects modules, the A1 Four and A1X Four share obvious physical similarities with their electric forebearers. However, it’s the guts of the units which seperate them, with the A units featuring over 80 effects optimised for acoustic guitars, trumpets, saxophones, harmonicas and stringed orchestral instruments. The units feature MMA-1 Mic Adapters to connect to microphones, and also feature phantom power for use with condenser microphones.



With over 15 presets for acoustic guitar modeling, which Zoom claim can recreate the characteristics of several types of guitars using Impulse Responses, the A1 Four and A1X Four are perfect for the acoustic player looking for a live sound shaping workhorse. Effects are also optimised for whatever instrument you may be playing through – for instance, there’s a low pass filter when using the wah-wah for brass instruments, while string distortion retains your bowing attack.



There’s also an additional 12 presets which are available to download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software, and both units come with 68 rhythm patterns to let you build your own backing tracks as you go. Other features include an expression pedal on the A1x Four, as well as a 30 second loop function which can be overdubbed and multi-tracked – looks like these ones will be hard to beat. 


Head to Dynamic Music to find out more about Zoom products in Australia.