BluGuitar releases the Amp1 Iridium pedalboard amplifier

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BluGuitar releases the Amp1 Iridium pedalboard amplifier

Boasting one clean channel and three independent distortion channels – titled vintage, classic and modern – the Nanotube equipped Amp1 Iridium Edition offers a diverse cocktail of tonal possibilities. The Classic channel presents a bumped midrange to resemble that of a hotrodded Marshall stack, while the Vintage channel tightens the mids and adds a dollop of gain to take the Amp1 into sweet, creamy territory. However, most metal monsters will feel right at home on the Modern channel, which boasts a mighty low-end response with tonnes of gain and articulation.



Each channel is controlled via a three-band EQ, gain, master volume and volume knobs, while there’s also an onboard boost and reverb to further colour your tone. The BluGuitar Amp1 also features a noise gate function and an analogue speaker cab simulation, perfect for recording at lower volumes. There’s also a swathe of MIDI programming options, as well as parallel/series effects loops and alternate footswtiching possibilities.


We’ve seen a fair few pedalboard amps pop up in recent years, and while few have managed to make much of an impact, it definitely looks like the BluGuitar Amp1 has got what it takes to break the mold. 



The BluGuitar Amp1 Iridium Edition is available in November – visit the BluGuitar website for further details.