Yellowcake Pedals get weird with the Psychotropia

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Yellowcake Pedals get weird with the Psychotropia

Essentially acting as a sample/hold filter, the Psychotropia features a Hi/Low EQ cut which interacts with sample/hold patterns, while a glide knob is paired with a toggle switch to choose between rising, falling or both waveforms. There’s also a Resonance control to set the amount of feedback oscillation, while a toggle switch  softens or rounds the edges of the pattern played through the pedal. Elsewhere, controls for Cut, Tempo and Rate also offer greater control over the unit, and there’s even a CV input for external triggering. 



The Psychotropia, as its name would imply, is a pretty whacky pedal, and as such, it’s a little hard to explain what it sounds like. To my ears, it’s almost like a step filter effect – similar to the one used by John Frusciante for his solo in Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Throw Away Your Television“. Obviously, it’s a niche pedal that’s not going to see use in every song you create, but it’s worth checking out regardless!



Find out more about the Psychotropia over at Yellowcake Pedals.