Mr Black introduce the tiny Mini Octaves pedal

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Mr Black introduce the tiny Mini Octaves pedal

Handmade in Portland, Oregon and dubbed the Octaves Polyphonic Octave Generator – a name which is bound to attract some attention from EHX – the Mr Black Mini Octaves pedal does a pretty mean impression of the famous Electro-Harmonix POG. However, this one throws a subtle dose of modulation into the mix to make your pitch shifted signal ever the more wonky, making it suitable for organ-like volume swells and big beefy riffs.


The Mr Black Mini Octaves Polyphonic Octave Generator keeps things pretty simple in the layout department, mirroring the controls of a Micro POG with knobs to control the Octave Down (Sub), Dry (Root) and Octave Up (Upper) signals. Turning everything all the way to the right will give you a healthy +3dB of boost, which could be used impeccably in the hands of the right player.



Check out how the unit sounds above.


Head to Mr Black’s website to find out more about the Octaves today.