Yamaha launch two new PSR workstations

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Yamaha launch two new PSR workstations

Stemming off from the beloved PSR series, the new PSR-SX workstations have been redesigned to present a cleaner, streamlined aesthetic, and are chock full with new sounds and features to create a fluid playing experience. Both keyboards feature improved keybeds, as well as a 7″ touch screen to scroll through banks, edit patches and more. 


The PSR-SX700 boasts a whopping 1507 sounds and 400 rhythm banks, while the deluxe PSR-SX900 presents 1873 sounds, 525 rhythm presets and a whole bunch of new drum kits. Both keyboards are also packed with new and improved effects engines, as well as high-end inbuilt speakers and audio ins and outs.



Like any good digital workstation, the PSR-SX keyboards boast inbuilt recording and 128 voice sequencing, while the SX900 also presents Bluetooth capabilities, vocal effects, a synth vocoder and so much more. These workstations are pretty stacked, and we think that there’ll be a whole heap of punters who’ll be happy to see the PSR series get some love from Yamaha. 


Hit up Yamaha Australia to find out more about these new workstations.