Yamaha Expands EMX Lineup of Powered Mixers

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Yamaha Expands EMX Lineup of Powered Mixers


The EMX5 and EMX7 feature high-efficiency power amplifiers capable of 630W and 710W output power respectively, and come equipped with an overload protection function
to improve reliability. A rugged, extremely portable enclosure with a powder-coated, impact-resistant metal chassis adds to the consoles’ durability while its versatile design easily adapts to horizontal or vertical placements.


Both the EMX5 and EMX7 are equipped with 4 mono input channels and 4 mono/stereo input channels, allowing up to 8 microphones, and line-level devices to be connected to each channel. Channel 4 can be used with Hi-Z inputs to connect instruments such as guitars or basses directly.


Each model is also equipped with 2 ‘aux send’ connections for a monitoring system or external effect devices, ‘rec out’ unbalanced RCA-pin output jacks to connect an external recorder, and stereo out TRS phone jacks to output the mixed stereo signal. EMX5/7 also feature speaker jacks, which can be used with both TS phone and speakON plugs. Both also feature highly efficient internal universal power supply.


For more details, head to au.yamaha.com.