In a Snapshot: Blue Microphones Baby Bottle

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In a Snapshot: Blue Microphones Baby Bottle


Featuring richly present mid range, smooth top-end and neutral bottom, Baby Bottle is reminiscent of the world’s nest vintage microphones.

Baby Bottle was created to deliver superior warmth and presence to vocals and a wide range of instruments, so you can bring the classic vibe and feel of a vintage mic to your studio, with- out having to break the bank.


Every part of the Baby Bottle microphone was designed to ensure incredible performance. The proprietary hand-tuned large diaphragm capsule delivers incredibly accurate and transparent sound, with minimal coloration. And custom circuitry makes it the quietest mic in its class. 
It excels at recording nearly any sound source, including vocals, drums, electric guitar amps – even difficult brass instruments like saxophones and horns. We just don’t recommend it for feeding… 

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