Transform Your iOS Device Into A String Orchestra

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Transform Your iOS Device Into A String Orchestra

finger fiddle.jpg

The first wave of ‘virtual instruments’ made for a good laugh before quickly becoming a forgettable app taking up precious room and battery life on our phones. So ‘Finger Fiddle’ doesn’t exactly come across as an original idea, but the execution is what seperates it from the rest. 


Based on physical modelling, the app allows you to ‘rub’ the strings with your fingers, which gives you the ability to shape the sound. Along with the fiddle or violin, you can also play the viola, cello and double bass.


“Violin is quite a fascinating instrument for most of us,” says developer Matthias Demoucron. “And many people would have loved to play violin or cello. This app lets us experience the beautifulness of playing violin, but also its complexity.”


There’s support for Inter App Audio and, if you have an iPhone 6 or 6s Plus, 3D Touch gives you refined control of the sound and vibrato.



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