Friedman Amps Release Bill Kelliher Signature Model

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Friedman Amps Release Bill Kelliher Signature Model


The 100-watt hand-wired head features three channels, each heavier than the last, which all feature gain, master, bass, middle and treble controls. Powered by four EL-34s power tubes, the amp can scream even on channel one, which is supposed to be the ‘clean’ channel.

The second channel is significantly louder and looser, whilst channel three “takes you 100 miles past the extreme, to gain heaven – or hell, depending on your perspective.”


Along with this high-gain output, the Friedman Butterslax “features an ultra transparent effects loop, Baltic Birch construction, black tolex and checkered grille cloth.”


The press release says that this is not the kind of amp for you if you’re looking for a clean amp to play, but I think what they really wanted to say is, “this amp is so f**king metal.” You can check out the amp for yourself in the video below, and for a cool $5,915 it can be yours.



Friedman Amplifiers are available in Australia via Deluxe Guitars.