Keeley Electronics Unveil The Hooke Spring Reverb

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Keeley Electronics Unveil The Hooke Spring Reverb

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Hand-built in the USA, the Hooke Spring Reverb stompbox will revolutionise the world of guitar effects, re-creating the crisp reverb and tremolo tones that those users of Fender Amps have come to know and love so much.


The pedal features the Spring Reverb mode. The main features of this mode include the tone and spring controls. The tone control allows you to set the pedal for a bright, spanky reverb tone or a dark, thick reverb. The spring control is the amount “looseness” or “spring” in the reverb pan. Loose springs seem to give a lot of reflections and you can hear the reverb “bounce” a lot. You can simulate a specific reverb pan you had in a vintage amp. Combinations of these two controls allow you to fine-tune both the tone and the character of the springs and tubes in your favorite vintage reverb. You won’t believe the depth and warmth of this reverb.

The pedal has a ‘Fugue’ mode that blends classic reverb with an octave engager allowing for “other worldly” sounds. Essentially, in Keeley’s words, this mode features “no original signal, all wet spring reverb with octave up and down,” creating the perfect church organ or organ reveb sounds. 


The different modes of reverb built into the pedal can be changed to suit your desired style, whether you want brighter tones or a darker decaying sound.


We here at Mixdown love our reverb pedals and can’t wait to get our hands on one of these guys, because they sound like a real treat for the ears.

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