The World’s First Floppy Disk Delay

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The World’s First Floppy Disk Delay


The unique, analogue Echo is driven by a 3.5” diskette; the first of it’s kind. Bringing the purely analogue, flexible and magnetic storage device, also known as good old-fashioned floppy disk, back to life.


According to creators Johann Scheerer (Bosnian Rainbows) and Sebastian Nagel (Guitarist), “the signal is written on the disc by a magnetizing record head and replayed/erased by two reproduction heads and one erase head of a cassette player”. In collaboration with NB Instruments, the founders of Clouds Hill Recordings built a system that offers echoes ranging from 6ms up to 1.6 seconds.



Echo has a 12V Digital Drive System Tapedeck with variable stabilised speed and additional foot pedal control or cv/gate control. It’s motor runs in four different operation modes, controllable by a regular expression pedal or CV signal. They include Acceleration Mode, Break Mode, Tapemachine Age Simulation Mode and Random Tape Machine Error Simulation Mode.


Echo has adjustable speed, gain, volume, feedback, blend and the ability to turn heads A and B on or off via the controls and footswitches for true bypass, mute and motor activate the pedal, stop repeats and allows you to adjust speed.


Every Echo is assembled by hand and tested by Nick Baginsky at NB Instruments, ensuring they are fine tuned and produce the highest quality performance.



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