The Fully-Functioning ‘Pre-Smashed’ Guitars From Devil & Sons

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The Fully-Functioning ‘Pre-Smashed’ Guitars From Devil & Sons


We have already seen the increible film-inspired guitars from the England based guitar makers, and it appears that Devil & Sons have done it again with the ‘End of the Road’ range. The guitars are constructred to appear like they have been hurled onto the stage repeatedly in a particularly boozy pub show. Think of them like they’re pre-ripped jeans.


The guitars, in spite of their appearance, are extremely playable and their sound doesn’t suffer for the design – I gotta admit that it takes some high-class craftsmanship to provide a product that sounds good, but doesn’t look like it should. At around $1,400 a pop, they won’t completely blow your budget either. Hell, now all we need is a convincing headless bat and we can all be brutal as fuck…you know… without actually being brutal at all. 


Watch the Devil & Sons luthiers make the ‘End of The Road’ guitars below.

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