TC-Helicon Announce All-In-One SingThing Vocal Processor

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TC-Helicon Announce All-In-One SingThing Vocal Processor

The all-in-one SingThing gives users a unique way to control vocal effects on the fly, offering a host of ‘production calibre’ effects from its renowned range of pedals in an easy-to-use and sophisticated interface with a built-in 150 watt speaker, giving singers a perfect tool for writing and rehearsing.


In addition, the SingThing boasts a performance looper with automatic tempo as well as a guitar input and MIDI compatibility to guide harmony and hardtune effects via guitar or an external keyboard. TC-Helicon have also installed the SingThing with 200 sound presets, inspired by a wide range of popular artists and songs, with countless more available for download online. A MP-75 microphone is also included in the package.


TC-Helicon is distributed in Australia via Amber Technology.