TC Electronic announce Sonic Specialists range

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TC Electronic announce Sonic Specialists range

Promising “state-of-the-art digital algorithims and high-quality materials,” the brand new Drip Spring Reverb, Fluoresence Shimmer Reverb, Gauss Tape Echo and Vibraclone Rotary aim to recreate tones from high-profile guitarists such as Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and George Harrison, and should hit shores some time soon.



A heavy dosage of washy spring reverb is made available with the TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb, offering a perfect addition to satisfy your surfy needs. Named after its ability to produce the unqiue ‘drip’ sound achieved by muting the strings on a reverb-soaked amplifier, the Drip Spring Reverb looks set to resonate with plenty of guitarists seeking a classic tone to add to their palette. 



Setting its sights on shoegaze and ambient musicians looking for immersive orchestral tones, the Fluoresence Shimmer Reverb emulates the reverberated wash of artists such as Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, and sounds great for volume swells. Check it out above.



Tape echo is a favourite effect for many prominent guitarists, and the Gauss Tape Echo looks set to deliver a firm recreation of tones made famous by the likes of David Gilmour and Jimmy Page. From psychedelic oscillations to warm, fluttery slapback delays, the Gauss Tape Echo offers a clean and super affordable alternative to achieving that classic vintage sound.



Last but not least, the TC Electronic Vibraclone Rotary recreates the swirling Leslie speaker sound of the late ’60s, as heard on Jimi Hendrix’s immortal ‘Little Wing’. Featuring two different Chorale and Tremolo modes to dime in natural saturation and rotary modulation, the Vibraclone Rotary looks to be a strong addition to TC Electronic’s Sonic Specialists. 


TC Electronic are distributed in Australia by Amber Technology.