Swapping Strings For Buttons: Is It Still A Guitar?

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Swapping Strings For Buttons: Is It Still A Guitar?


Founder of the Magic Instruments Rhythm Guitar is Brian Fan. The conception of the instrument began when Fan was unable to play a lullaby for his baby daughter and didn’t have the time (or patience) to learn how to play a traditional guitar. The only other solution for Fan was to invent an instrument that removes the lengthy and difficult experience of learning the craft and instead, allows users to play songs easily and in no time at all. Because what do you do when you can’t learn an instrument? Invent an easier to play instrument of course! 




Learning that 90% of people who try to learn guitar quit in the first year, Fan basically created a button pressing guitar, allowing those without time, talent or patience to learn how to play it in minutes. Based on the physics of vibrating strings, the guitar has fake strings in the shape of buttons, with velocity sensitivity to strum or finger-pick. Without the need to be tuned, the guitar is in it’s simplest form yet. In addition, there’s even knobs for reverb and tone adjustments. 


Alongside the instrument is a customised app, which offers up a range of songs, enabling players to learn tracks almost instantly. The app also detects the notes you play, ensuring you don’t lose your spot and giving you a visual representation of what you’re playing.The magic instrument has a standard guitar amp, MIDI, headphone jack outputs, volume control, digital effects control, an AUX output and a microphone jack.




While the M Guitar has good intentions by trying to get more people involved with music, it fails at addressing the fact that it should be used as a beginner’s tool, and instead positions itself as a worthy alternative to learning guitar. It pretty much trivialises the process of learning how to play an instument and claims that this guitar is the easier option. It’s not really the message we want to be spreading, is it?



For more information, head to the Magic Instruments Website.