Supro Unveil First Line Of Effect Pedals

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Supro Unveil First Line Of Effect Pedals


The Supro Boost pedal delivers 20db of noiseless gain boost. With a clean pre-amp, it offers both a High Pass and Low Pass filter via a toggle switch. It’s TRS port also allows for exspression pedal control of the volume know meaning that the pedal can double as volume boost.


Supro Fuzz has a NOS germanium transistor that follows on to a silicon-based gain section and “a dash of Supro’s ‘special sauce’” that creates a vintage tone. Expression control is again available through the TRS port that is adjustable from the treble know.


Finally, the Supro’s Drive pedal intends to recreate the circuitry component of the company’s amps. Through the pedals out transformer, the TRS port is able to give you real-time control of the gain knob. The pedals, assembled in New York, feature anodised brushed-aluminium enclosure and noiseless true bypass switching with 9V battery or power supply options.



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