Pettyjohn’s Lift Pedal Offers Audiophile Quality Buffer/Boost

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Pettyjohn’s Lift Pedal Offers Audiophile Quality Buffer/Boost


Lift is made from studio-quality gear utilising modern Discrete Opamp technology and built with the same components as the PreDrive.


Lift works best when it’s left on, either in its buffer mode or in boost. The Buffer features a single discrete opamp that’s powered by a dual-rail power supply in order to achieve transparency. The discrete opamp is subtle in features, lifting the tonal quality and picks apart every inch of your guitar’s tone. The pedal also features a boost mode with 24dB of clean gain that can reach up to 32dB of Clean when using the right adapter.


Although it has one of the cleanest, most musical Buffer and Boost circuits on the planet, the Lift’s features don’t stop there. Pettyjohn equipped the Lift with a studio-grade EQ, featuring recording console styled High Cut and Low Cut Filters. Both filters start at the extreme edge of the audible range and gently sweep towards the mid-range with a roll off rate of 6 dB per octave. The Filters are very transparent and allow the user to shape the signal while leaving your guitars fundamental tone completely intact. 


Pettyjohn Electronics products are available in Australia via Deluxe Guitars and Tone ProShop.