Epiphone Reveal Joe Bonamassa ‘Treasure’ Firebird Replica Signature Guitars

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Epiphone Reveal Joe Bonamassa ‘Treasure’ Firebird Replica Signature Guitars

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Modelled after the original 1963 Gibson Firebird 1, the Epiphone Polymist Gold Firebird 1 and the Epiphone Tobacco Sunburst Firebird 1 will be available in limited numbers. They will feature double-carved, one-piece genuine mahogany necks, maple tops and mahogany backs, and will be fitted with ProBucker FB720 pickups, which are faithful recreations of the original Firebird pickups.



“When Epiphone approached me about doing this guitar, I said we have to base it on a very special guitar called ‘Treasure,’ which is my original 1963 Firebird I,” says Bonamassa.


“This guitar was loaned to me by a gentleman named Dan Silverman. He came to a show in Portland, OR and came up to me and said ‘Joe, I want you to play this in good health, take it on the road, and give it another life.’ He bought it new in 1963. I immediately named it ‘Treasure’ because it’s one of my prized possessions. I’ve used it on a lot of different records. I’ve played ‘Slow Train’ on it more times than I can remember.”


The signature guitars are available exclusively on Bonamassa’s website. For information on a range of Gibson and Epiphone products, head to gibsonami.com.au.