Peluso Microphones replicate a German classic with the P-47 SS microphone

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Peluso Microphones replicate a German classic with the P-47 SS microphone

Words by Will Brewster

A solid-state take on the revered studio mainstay.

There’s no doubting that the Neumann U47 is one of the most famous microphones ever made. Adored for its gorgeous, rich sound and versatility across a range of audio sources, it’s popped up on countless classic records and is still a go-to for studio engineers around the world, provided they can cough up the cash to afford it.

Thankfully, for those among us who are a little more strapped for bucks, there’s companies like Peluso who dabble in creating affordable, accurate-sounding clones of these old German classics.

Previously, these guys have found success with the U47 blueprint through their tube-powered 22 47 range, but with the P-47 SS, they’ve taken a totally different route, offering consumers with a solid-state take on the U47 to make it all the more affordable for the average punter.

Despite opting for a FET in favour of a valve, the P-47 SS still retains the sonic characteristics of a tube-powered U47 instead of the totally different U47 FET, with the microphone boasting a much lower noise floor and reduced distortion.

Peluso have also given the P-47 SS a 34mm Braunmühl-Weber type capsule with centre termination to ensure it sounds just as good as their valve-powered clones, while the pickup pattern can be toggled between cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-8 depending on what you’re recording. There’s also a 75kHz high-pass filter for quick and easy adjustments prior to tracking included as well.

Listen to a selection of sound samples captured by the P-47 SS below. The microphone is available now, and comes shipped in a flight case that includes a velvet bag, shock mount, hard mount and foam windscreen.

Find out more about the P-47 SS via Peluso Microphones. Peluso Microphones are distributed in Australia via Musos Corner.